In all days men was evaluated by how he was dressed, then car was invented. In our days the car is the business card of the owner.

You do not come out of your house with dirty teeth and face. Hence, we do not recommend driving a car with scratches. The problem here is, that in Latvian reality to keep condition of
the car is more difficult than to look after the personal appearance. The truth is that it was before auto detailing was created.polirovka

Detailing - is new term, though the procedure for looking after the car has lasted more than one century.

Here is the complex of high technology operations as

  • Professional polishing of car paint with saving of thickness of paint layer.
  • Anti-bacterial cleaning (fumigation) of salon.
  • Protection of the car against negative environmental factors.

Refer to detailing center – professional studio of auto esthetic - will help to keep the initial beauty of your car. We guarantee:

  • The personal approach
  • Using the latest technologies
  • High professionalism
  • Attention to every detail

We received unique experience after servicing enormous amounts of cars and we let to offer you the best technologies. Using our technologies will turn your car into a masterpiece, providing unique shape, ideal shine and real protection.